Marcel Bruckmann
I work as a
but I feel like a
Data Scientist
Why? I love to work with data and I am curious to get information out of it.
Tools? Well I use Python and R but mainly I use Python.
Excel? The prefered tool in Controlling but I also use Python to read data from invoices or transform csv data to excel readable data.
Let's start at the beginning...
Well it all began with my first course in R
Ok, great but one course will not make you a good Data Scientist? Tell me more! Your Story!
Ok! So, I did this course and the data used was about Basketball. I became curious. Not about the sport but how R can be used to wrangle data and how to create great charts.
What was your conclusion about the course?
I need to learn more... To become a good data scientist it is not enough to code. You also need time to practise what you've learned.
You spend more time with it? Am I right?
Definitely. Although it was good to know R I thought it is much better to learn Python as well. I found out that Python was easier to learn and also used in data science field.
And after you put your head into Python, what was next?
First I was enthusiastic, probably to much. I thought with Data Science, especially with Deep Learning you can predict everything except from lottery. There where loads of buzzwords written everywhere on the internet and I thought I need to learn everything!
What programming languages you've learned in Data Science so far?
R, Python, a bit of Spark and the database language SQL
Sounds good. What are you studying now?
Well, since 2023 I am studying web programming for my own. It's a hobby.
And why you study web programming?
To know Python and R is great but in my opinion you can display your results better if you have a website.
What is your plan for the future? What do you want to achieve?
Some kind of a dashboard where I can analyse data. And in addition to administrate my own server where all the python scripts are running behind the scences.
That's make sense and I wish you all the best!